What kind of material is my luggage made out of?

We use multiple types of material but our cases are made out from high-tech Polycarbonate material, 1680 ballistic nylon, Polyurethane wheels and genuine leather accents.

Where can I purchase VESICA goods from?

All our goods are available at Being our own retailer allows us to offer premium products at an approachable price.

Where can I service my luggage?

Shoot us an email and we can either send you replacement parts or bring it in for a tune-up.

What are the differences between the two carry-on sizes?

The smaller carry-on will fit in any overhead bin and the larger carry-on will fit on most domestic and international flights.

Can I remove my battery?

Of course. We know how handy having a rechargeable battery will come during travel and suggest removing it as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Can I fly with my battery?

All of our batteries meet FAA, TSA, and DOT regulation, and are UN/ DOT 38.3 compliant. All batteries can be carried on and stored in the cabin. All checked luggage batteries need to be removed prior to flight.

How big is my battery?

Knowing how much you need your electronics, VESICA has decided to use a 10400mAh lithium battery. Stay charged and stay connected!

How do I clean my bag?

Soap and water has always done the trick for a quick clean. If you have a scuff from airline travel use rubbing alcohol with a non-abrasive scrub. Beware of the electronic components.

What kind of battery is it?

We use only the best Samsung batteries and install them in our VESICA signature case. Good luck finding a better!