Weekend getaway in Cozumel

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When first arriving you might think Cozumel is just another tropical island with crystal clear waters, spectacular marine life, and perfect sunsets. Although that has all the makings, Cozumel is so much more than just another beautiful Caribbean paradise. Cozumel’s external beauty lies within the Cozumel people themselves. Cozumel’s hospitality is not only a practice, but it is their way of life. The locals say they have a Mexican heart and a Caribbean soul; a paradise where tradition, flavor and joy come together.

The contrasting hue of the surrounding water, and the original settlement of Cozumel are due to the natural fresh water underground aquifers. Cozumel became the perfect the trade route respite because of the natural water and fresh produce. The same aquifers feed the ocean; which create the deep ocean visibility and majestic ocean colors. The same fresh water also creates world class outdoor recreation activities including scuba and snorkeling. In the early 1960’s French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau stated that this island was not only one of the most beautiful scuba diving areas in Mexico but of the world.

While the overall size of Cozumel is small there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy, and even more wonderful places to eat. You can have a 5-star meal with fast food pricing. Start with the chips and guac and end with the spiny lobster or my personal favorite, Lionfish.

While the quaint size of the island is one of its most attractive attributes, it can also be one of the most profound downsides. Cozumel was not just an intrical part of the old world trade route, it has also become a frequent stop of the tourists’ route through the Caribbean. While that might not bother some, for me it made going into downtown not only unappealing, almost unbearable. The cruises typically leave by 5, but your downtown restaurants and stores conveniently seem to close soon after the cruise horn signals.


Cozumel Snorkeling

Check out the sea life.
It doesn’t matter if you are snorkeling or going deep with scuba gear you must check out Cozumel’s #1 tourism attraction. You can either rent your own gear or join a boat. If you join a boat it typically includes a guide, gear, snacks, and of course cervezas.

Cozumel Car Rental

Rent a vehicle.
There are plenty of taxis around but due to the size of the island it is very easy to navigate yourself. If you’re with a group grab a jeep and if it’s just you +1 take a scooter for a spin.

Cozumel Seafood

Local restaurants.
The food in Cozumel is unbelievable, and the pricing is even more appealing. You are offered catch of the day and some of the freshest vegetables available. No matter what your budget is you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

Cozumel Sailboat Rental

Get on a boat.
This can also be accomplished if you join a group for a scuba or snorkel, but you can also rent kayaks, get on a catamaran, or rent stand up paddle boards.

Cozumel Cigar

Have a cigar.
Because the proximity to Cuba you are offered a Cuban at every corner. Tip: Stay off the main strip when you buy… or you’re going to pay for it.

Cozumel Spa

If you’re not relaxing here you’re not doing it right. Stay laid back and enjoy the island life. Don’t worry you’re on Cozumel time.

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