Lifestyle Hacks to Help You Travel More Frequently

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In an ideal world, we would all travel more, right? For those of us with the travel bug the pull to roam and wander is an insatiable drive that fuels decision making in professional and personal life. Some of us daydream at the office about what far off destination is next to explore while others labor and toil most of the year for a few precious weeks to spend in a paradise of their own choosing. Once bitten with this bug it can never quite be satisfied. The urge to travel is too strong when it grabs ahold and it must be continually fed and fostered until it blooms in all its glorious grandeur.
And so those of us with this tremendous affliction to explore intentionally cast aside the shackles of a normal life for the ability to seek out destinations near and far that feed the urge to travel. A few weeks a year is never enough. In the wanderlustful words of Mark Twain, “broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” To explore is to expand in mind, body, and spirit. To seek is what makes us human.
So how does one with such a condition travel more frequently? Here are a few lifestyle hacks to help you get lost, or truly found, in an attempt to escape modern entrapments on the pursuit of all things abroad.
Go Remote
A beautiful aspect of our digital world in constant connection is that there are more opportunities now than ever before to work and make a living remotely. A recent study found that nearly 70% of the global workforce telecommute or work remotely at least one day a week while 53% stay remote half of the work week. These numbers continue to grow and many large companies and startups understand the efficiency and effectiveness of allowing employees to work wherever they choose. Ask you current employer what their stance is on remote work if it’s not apparent or search through many different remote job boards and find a situation that is perfect for fueling your drive to travel.  

Rent Out and Roam
If you own your own house or apartment, consider renting it out from time to time to cover the cost of the mortgage or rent while you travel the world. The ease of which this is made possible through sites such as AirBnB and VRBO is truly a highlight of our modern world. Another option that many steady travelers use is the possibility of a house swap with like-minded folks from another region of the world. Companies such as HomeExchange make it pretty easy to pursue this option while the tried and true sections of CraigsList might be where the idea started in the first place.
Cut Expenses, Expand Horizons
We all know the importance of budgeting and proper spending but take these concepts and apply them towards travel and you’ll be surprised how little changes in where you put your cash can help to nurture the travel bug. Instead of going out for dinner or drinks as much, put the money you’d spend on the night out in a travel fund once a month, or once a week and watch that turn into the cost of a plane ticket in no time. Divert some disposable income into a destination fund while cutting down on expenses that you really don’t need and surely aren’t as valuable long term as a priceless travel experience. You don’t always need the latest phone upgrade or most expensive clothing. Be diligent and turn thoughtless expenditures in endless explorations.
Get Out and Go
The only real way to travel is to do it. Whether that means an extended weekend trip to somewhere nearby that is calling or a year travelling around the world, the best lifestyle hack to help you travel more frequently is to travel more frequently. When it becomes a passion, it becomes a powerful drive that will energize and encourage all of your decisions. You will figure things out along the way and the riches acquired through travel will pay dividends in your happiness, wellbeing, and world citizen status for the rest of your days.  
Written by Caleb Summeril

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