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Want to travel like a pro? VESICA has partnered with world traveler Vivian Chau to get some pro tips to ensure you travel with ease.
Vivian is a social media influencer, photographer, and content creator based out of Miami but considered a global citizen. 
VESICA smart Luggage
  • Unlock your cell phone and buy SIM cards in the country you’re traveling to. You’ll stay connected and won’t rack up crazy phone charges. Also, it makes traveling so much easier when you can look up resources, restaurants, etc quickly!
  • Bring a battery pack with you EVERYWHERE. Luckily @vesicalife has a battery charger installed right in your carry on!
  • Pay for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. Nothing in life will ever be as satisfying or useful. I promise you.
  • Roll your clothes and buy packing cubes. It keeps everything organized and you can keep your dirty laundry stashed.
  • Buy a small foldable duffle to bring in case you go shopping!
  • Bring a change of clothes, toiletries, and essentials in your carry on. You never know when things go missing and you won’t want to wear the same outfit for 3 days while you wait for your clothes.
  • Bring a medicine pack! (I’m sorry, it’s the pharmacist in me) Stock it with basic pain relievers, allergy meds, dramamine, PEPTO BISMOL, loperamide, and more. It saves you so much money in the long run and we’ve been to places where it wasn’t so convenient just to run to the store. 
  • Wrap all of your shoes in shower caps to keep your luggage clean.
  • If your luggage is under 50 lbs and you still have room - pack a bunch of snacks and basics so you won’t have to run and buy it when you’re there. 
  • Bring your own laundry pods, especially if you’re going on a trip 10+ days and have limited luggage space. Clean clothes makes all the difference!

VESICA smart luggage

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