Top Tech Accessories for International Travel

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As the drive to explore pushes us to gallivant the globe, current innovations allow us to reach those far away destinations while preserving creature comforts usually found at home. It is easier than ever to stay tuned-in while operating remotely whether you’re traveling for business or bliss. Here is a rundown of some of our favorite tech gadgets, tools and accessories to keep you up to speed and in contact wherever you may roam.
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An easy and necessary addition to your next international escapade, the PlugBug makes it easy to charge an array of devices while you’re on the go. The bright red design of this contraption seems straight out of the Swiss Army factory and with 2.1Amp of charging power lighting up 5 different international snap on plugs, you can keep those batteries full virtually anywhere in the world.
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This is the tried and true e-reader of our digital age. For any traveler who loves to read but balks at the thought of carrying more than a book or two, the Kindle Paperwhite gives you access to thousands of books while staying slim, light and charged for weeks. The high-resolution and paper white screen makes words easy to read in various lightings and is much easier to stare at for hours at the beach or roof-top pool than a standard electronic screen. Upgrade to the Kindle Oasis for a waterproof version and you’ll be able to check the aquatic animal reference book on your next diving trip.
Smart luggage is an essential addition for any world wanderer and Vesica creates a stylish and supremely functional lineup of full size and carry-on suitcases perfect for any excursion. Built to last and look good while you wander, these bags come with a lifetime warranty and are constructed of 100% polycarbonate steel. All Vesica luggage comes equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery to charge your devices on the go and are GPS capable so you can keep a digital eye on your belongings. Function and form meet with an elegant eye as this luggage provides exceptional service and style to assist your travels.
Cables don’t conjure up images of exotic locals and outlandish adventures but we all rely on them for the majority of our tech needs so it pays to have a great one in the bag. Native Union makes cables that are supremely durable but easily secured, eliminating a tangled ball of cord in your bag or pocket. These double braided cords are a bit more expensive than your standard accessory cable but they will also last lifetimes compared to their cheaper airport or corner store counterparts. A built in leather strap makes these cables easy to wrap, stash and keep handy making them an easy investment that can save time and headaches abroad.
These wireless wonders have mixed reviews from the masses but for ease, convenience and design they make the list. Small and comfortable, the Bluetooth headphones provide all you need from ear buds while remaining sleek and ever so easy to pack. Airpods are easy to operate whether you are listening to music or on an important phone call and deliver 5 hours of listening time on a single charge.
Streaming Stick 
There are multiple options here that deliver similar results but if you want to take your entertainment with you while you travel, a streaming stick is an easy addition. These small devices plug into the back of any HDTV and through Wi-Fi streaming give you access to Netflix or your favorite streaming service. Check out Google Chromecast, Roku Stick and Amazon Fire for some of the top options in the field.

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