The Layover with LP Giobbi: DJ, Producer and Keys Player

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Let us introduce you to LP Giobbi. She’s a charismatic, spunky, and fearless DJ and producer currently touring throughout Europe and North America with Sofi Tukker (recently nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album). If you spend any time looking through LP’s pages you immediately notice her love of sequins, feathers and leopard print. Her style is bold, her smile is beaming and she knows how to get the crowd pumped up. When she’s not on stage and touring, she’s busy helping run Sofi Tukker’s label (Animal Talk), as well as curating music for W Hotels and her FEMME HOUSE initiative with LiveNation (more on that later). If that wasn’t enough, LP also has her own line of clothing. GIOBBI is a line of blouses and tees that celebrates all women and honors the sacred feminine in all of us. Speaking of girl power, LP is the mastermind behind FEMME HOUSE – a platform that was born to give visibility to women-identified acts that are often underrepresented and too often overlooked. This initiative is about representation and creates opportunities for young women to enter the artist development channel and foster growth there. Did you get all of that? Keep reading to get the inside scoop from LP Giobbi herself!
What’s it like touring the country?
It is full of stimulation and isolation to be honest. It is eye opening and wild and amazing and hard and challenging. My last tour I was in the UK trying to get on the right train with my keyboard and 40 pound power transforming and running late (as always) and freaking out and sweating… but when I arrived in Scotland I was blown away! And perhaps more alive for the experience of it all.
What’s your favorite part about getting to do what you love all while traveling around the world?
Connecting with people. Really sitting after the shows and getting to have conversations that I would have never dreamed of. There are so many people living so many rad lives!
Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?
Copenhagen! Just… damn.
What does music mean to you?
It is the ultimate unifying language. I was recently in Brazil during Carnival and I ended up at a 40,000 Beatles themed block party where people of all languages and backgrounds were singing Beatles songs for hours on end. It was pure joy and I felt so connected to humanity.
What’s your favorite part about being on stage?
Tapping into the joy of my inner child and becoming a conduit of joy for each person in the audience.
Who inspires you?
My 72 year old piano teacher (I studied with her starting when I was in second grade) who at the age of 50, went back to school to learn electronic music. She was the only woman and the only person over the age of 25. She is a beast.
Tell us more about your platform FEMME HOUSE
FemmeHouse is about being a gatekeeper who can open that gate for the underrepresented both to the stage and to knowledge. It is about providing and creating platforms for those often overlooked. We book a series focused on female acts in San Francisco in partnership with Live Nation called Femme House, and we are launching a workshop for production and engineering in Los Angeles. The producer role greatly shapes the sound of the music which shapes our art and our voices so being able to speak the language at the very least in a session is something I’m passionate about.
How would you describe your personal style?
When performing, I have to be able to jump on top of the DJ decks and go wild so something comfortable and movable.
Words to live by?
More is More
Best advice for anyone struggling to pursue their passion?
Your mind (more than skill or money or connections) is your greatest asset. Find a way to use all the good and the bad to equally fuel yourself and make YOU a believer in yourself and you will be ok. I promise.
Make sure you check out one of LP Giobbi's latest tracks, catch her on tour in a city near you and follow along on her journey!
LP Instagram Handles
PERSONAL: @lpgiobbi
FEMME HOUSE: @thisisfemmehouse

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