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VESICA does Catalina.

With VESICA’s headquarters located only 40 miles away from Catalina we figured it was the perfect weekend getaway. Starting with a short drive down to San Pedro parlayed by an hour ferry ride to the Island. You can either sit outside and enjoy the view or if you’re up to it you can upgrade to Commodore Lounge.  For $15 extra you can upgrade to inside plush seats and a complimentary beverage.


We decided to go the Avalon side because our reservations were at the Mt. Ada Bed and Breakfast. After touching down on the island we decided it was time for a beverage and booked it to Avalon Grille. We sparked up a conversation with the bartender, upgraded to free muffins, and got the local run down.  Since time was of the essence we decided to rent bikes and get our “touron” (tourist/ moron) on and get the adventure started. We cruised the streets, checked out some island gear, and and another detour for some libations at Bluewater Grill.  A half dozen oysters, poke, and some salmon we were fully fueled and ready to keep things moving.  


We continued to go North on the Island and were just about to head to the botanical gardens right when we hit our first hurdle… a 2-mile bike ride up hill. In defeat we started heading back to the main area, until we were pointed in the direction of the trolley and for a mere dollar we were relaxing and heading to see some flowers.  


After checking the Botanical Gardens out, we were ready to check-in and continue on our way. After a delicious dinner at Mt. Ada we were ready to call it a day and get some rest for day 2.  


Fully charged we’re ready for a action packed day before our 7pm ferry back to Los Angeles. We grabbed a quick bite for breakfast and made our way to Catalina Island Ropes course. Catalina Aerial Adventure offers a zip line tour, a climbing wall, or you can relax at the beach club. During our zip line tour, we met a group that offered to join them aboard their boat before having to head home. After getting to the boat we were welcomed with a nice cheese and meat plate as well as a farewell champagne toast.


This was the good life and we were living it!

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