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It’ll be time to pack your bags after we introduce you to one of favorite subscriptions services within the travel industry – Dollar Flight Club! If you’ve never heard of them before, we can guarantee you’ll be downloading their app and signing up for emails as soon as you discover all the amazing benefits that being a member gets you. For a bit more context on exactly who and what Dollar Flight Club is, it’s good to know that they simply are an email/app subscription service. What they do? They do all the hard work so you can spend less and travel more. Everyone wants a good deal on airfare, and that’s exactly what DFC is here to do. They currently alert 800K+ members about the worlds cheapest flight deals that leave from their home airports. These members save on average $500 USD per ticket booked!
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Sound too good to be true? Scoring these flights are easier than you might think. All members need to do is pick their departure airport, watch from email/app alerts, and book that dream vacation. So what does it take to become a member? You probably caught on that DFC is a subscription service, which typically means you’ve got to pay. While this is true, we wouldn’t get you this excited about the service to then let you down by mentioning a huge monthly fee to join! You can either choose the Dollar Flight Club Free or Premium ($5.75 a month) version and receive different benefits depending on which membership you sign up for. Think about that. For the same price as your favorite Starbucks drink you can be a Premium Member and get some of the best deals on domestic and international flights.
Dollar Flight Club’s goal is to help its members across the globe see more of the world and make their travel dreams come true. It sounds pretty simple because it is. The premise of Dollar Flight Club is straightforward: you tell them where you live, you tell them where you want to go, then sit back and wait to receive deals to these places directly to your inbox or phone. Another perk of DFC is booking directly with the airline rather than with third parties. Many other search engines require you to book through a third-party which means more money in taxes and fees for you.
The latest installment to launch at DFC is Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+, which just went live today. Premium Plus+ offers Business and First Class flight deals for up to 60% off so that more travelers can experience long-haul international flights in true luxury. This product is for people who do a big trip once a year or those who fly Business and First Class already but want to do it for a less money and less time spent searching for deals. The Premium Plus+ Memberships cost $99/year and is extremely values to travelers. What makes it so unique?
  • Business Class and First Class flight deals are hard to find, but DFC makes it easy
  • Travelers really want to fly Business and First, but it’s just too expensive. Not with DFC!
  • Competitors focus on economy fares leaving a gap in Business and First Class airfare
  • The best time to take a Business or First class flight is on long haul international flights, which DFC books tons of.
Don’t believe us? See past business class deals from the DCF Team themselves. Average savings per flight is over $3,000 USD.

Travel airplane ticket

Travel airplane ticket

Travel airplane ticket

 Take a sneak peek at what Premium Plus+ Member will see when using the DFC mobile app.

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What are you waiting for? It's time to pack your bags and start planning your next trip!
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