Maximum Relaxation

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Things you can do on an airplane to maximize your comfort.

  1. Drink water.

Flights can cause you to become very dehydrated which can cause other side affects. Your body will start producing more salvia, which will activate bacteria in your moth as well as give you some rotten breath.  We suggest drinking bottled water while on your flight, as water piped through the plane system is known to contain bowel bacteria. YUCK!

  1. Bring chewing gum.

You can refer back to 1 on this, but this will also help alleviate your ear pressure.

  1. Stretch.

Sitting down for the length of a flight can cause swelling and discomfort. Make sure you get up a couple times during your flight to get your blood moving. Just walking to the bathroom a couple times can help you feel better when the wheels’ touch down.

  1. Bring a cell phone charger or power bank.

While most cell phones last between 8 and 12 hours your flight can drain your phone really quickly.  Your VESICA carry-on luggage has a removable 10,400 MAH lithium rechargeable battery, and can charge your phone 3+ times.

  1. Try drinking something you typically don’t drink.

Scientists have discovered that while on a flight your cravings tend to change. Are you a sweet lover…? Make sure this time you order a tomato juice.

  1. Dress comfortable.

While we feel you should always dress to impress, we also feel you should be comfortable while you’re a mile high. We wouldn’t suggest old sweatpants, but there are many options out there now days.

Everyone’s body reacts a little different during flight. You can become stressed and anxious, or even a little nauseous. Your body is feeling something your mind isn’t. Even though it seems like you are just sitting still your body can still sense you’re in motion.

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