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Everybody loves to save a buck. For those of us who live to travel, every dollar saved in the pursuit of an adventure turns into a dollar we can use for a future escapade. For others who travel less frequently, a great deal can turn a far flung idea into a reality. Regardless of how often you choose to or can afford to roam the world, more savings equals more potential travel opportunity. And we all want the opportunity to travel more, don’t we?
The first step most of us take towards scheming up a trip is the search for a plane ticket. Whether you have a destination set in stone or are simply entertaining the idea of exploration, it all starts with figuring out how to get there and how much that is going to cost. In the continually connected, always competitive age in which we live there are many different ways to start this search. Not all of them lead to a great deal but a quick look into these easy cheap flight hacks will help lock down your next airline outing and might just lead to the journey of a lifetime.

How to Find the Cheapest Possible Flight to Anywhere
This first hack can lead to some amazing flight discounts. The only catch in finding the absolute cheapest possible option is that you need quite a bit of flexibility in your travel dates and destination. You may be restricted by set vacation times and/or want to visit a particular location. That’s totally fine and we will look at how to score the best flight deals for that situation in a minute.
To get started go to Skyscanner or download their app. It’s a straightforward discount flight finder website but has the option to search for destinations all over the world, at the same time. Enter your departure city and then search for flights to anywhere at any time. This is going to give you an opportunity to literally find some of the cheapest flights to many different amazing locations across the globe. Simply search the generated list for your dream spot in a time that works for you and you can easily save hundreds off what you would normally pay. This method requires considerable flexibility but is a surefire way to save big. 
If you don’t have as much flexibility with your plans, you still have plenty of options to save. Say, for instance, that you have a week of set travel time with exact dates. Go to Skyscanner again and enter your departure location, your exact dates, and keep you destination location set to ‘anywhere’. These search results will give you the cheapest options to various locations across the globe for your set days of travel. There will be great deals to choose from with this method and an exciting list of potential destinations to choose from to plan your trip.

Cheap Flights to a Specific Destination on Specific Dates
Complete flexibility with travel plans is amazing if you are lucky enough to be in that situation but the truth is most of us will be trying to find plane tickets to a specific destination during specific dates. The best hack to find a cheap flight, if this is the case, is to utilize multiple discount flight sites alongside other normal sites that sell tickets.
You will want to cross reference a handful of travel websites, discount flight sites, and major airline sites to get the best deal possible for your situation. Never settle on the first flight you search for. It may end up being the best deal available but you’ll never be certain unless you conduct a thorough search. A few added minutes will pay off in the long run to finding a better discount or travel deal.

Some Favorite Discount Flight Sites:
Other Travel Sites to Hunt for Deals:
Bonus Hacks
-Be sure to clear your browser history before each new flight search. Some of these websites above will track your searches with cookies and other methods to know what flights you are searching for and will slightly raise the price as they think you are certain to buy that ticket. Clearing your history will prevent this from happening.
-Also make sure to check the major airlines prices directly from their websites. Some airlines (Southwest) do not provide information to any of these discount sites and you need to search directly through their outlets to find a deal. Sometimes prices can be slightly lower or you can use a coupon code when purchasing a ticket through a major carrier direct, as well.
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