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Esoteric Collection Aaron von Osko

VESICA tries to blur the lines between art and function so we are always being inspired by the art scene. Art collector and founder of Esoteric Collection, Aaron Von Oskko has found his place not only in the art world, but also has been able to turn his passion into an outlet where other artists can further their carrier. Esoteric Collection is more of a movement than a representation, which is why Aaron has had such great success aligning with world class artists. He works with artists such as Gregory Siff, Retna, Brittney Palmer, and some very talented up and comers. See our full interview with Aaron below to get an inside look at some of his artists collections, his platform Esoteric Collection and his take on galleries and museums across America. 

Retna pictured above
Gregory Siff Art
Gregory Siff artwork pictured above
Britney Palmer Art
Brittney Palmer pictured above
How were you able to enter the art scene and work with such great artists?
Art was always a passion of mine from a very young age. I spent 15+ years in the auto industry and eventually it all came full circle to collecting art. Through collecting I began going to art shows and eventually meeting artists and it was just a natural evolution. Soon I started building relationships and becoming friends with multiple artists and those friendships have really evolved into the core group of friends I have now.
SEK Artwork
SEK artwork pictured above
What do you look for in an artist besides talent?
Their character and what they're about. I could really love a piece of art but if I meet the artist and I don't vibe with them, then the art now has no meaning to me. It has no value. However if I meet somebody and I like what they're about and I learn their history (and that they're a genuine person) then whatever art they are creating I'm now going to look at with a whole new set of eyes. Because it really means that much to me to get to know somebody to truly understand the vision behind their art.
SEK Artwork
SEK artwork pictured above
Why does your platform mean so much to you?
My platform means so much to me because it's ultimately like a family. I would say any artist that I've collected, that I’ve worked with, that I've produced events for, sold their art or collaborated with on brand projects — those are my friends, and my family. I want success for everybody. I want to connect dots so it creates this beautiful synergy and everybody's working together. That leads to more exposure, which leads to more sales, which in turn leads to more money for everyone involved. It's creating a little web of opportunity for my friends and that’s what motivates me everyday.
SEK Artwork
SEK artwork pictured above
Since VESICA is a travel and luggage company, what is your favorite destination that art has taken you?
I will definitely have to say Miami for Art Basel. It's the largest gathering of art in the continental United States. There's art, beautiful weather and beautiful people. You really can't beat it.
Who is the next artist to watch?
I'm going to be a little Los Angeles biased here because I think wholeheartedly the kid has just been slept on, and that's SEK. Los Angeles born and raised, SEK. He's so talented. His work has depth, and meaning, and layers and a story in every piece of his art. He's having a show coming up in March and I've told everyone I'm not going to any shows until I go to his. If you ever have a conversation with him you'll realize what a kind individual he is as well. When you start talking about his art you will quickly realize he's not your average pop artist by any means.
SEK Artwork
SEK artwork pictured above
Best art gallery in the US?
My personal favorite is Art Angels Gallery in West Hollywood. Their second location has opened in Miami as well. The owners are two incredible people who curate some of the best artists in the US and their showcases are really some of the best I’ve ever seen. They also have a really unique eye so if you are looking to see everything from up and coming artists to the upper-echelon contemporary artists of the world, Art Angels is as diverse as galleries come.
Art Angels GalleryCredit: Image taken from Art Angels homepage
What is your must-see art museum?
Museum of Fine Arts Boston. I'm a member and every time I go there I stay for 12 hours. You have masters, you have renaissance. They just did a Murakami exhibit which is pop-art. There's something about that place that is just magical. I recommend any lover of art visit at least once in their life.
Do you feel that the fine art museums have a little more substance than the contemporary art museums?
Yes. You have over 600+ years of history in fine art versus contemporary, which is what, mid century? It's something else to walk in and look at a canvas that's 20 feet tall and 9 feet wide, that took somebody eight years to complete. That's amazing. Those are artists. Every single detail in oil takes days to dry. The level of technical skill in fine art is incredible.
What's next for you in 2019?
I'm living in the present right now. I just want to read right now and take time to focus on myself and my business. Usually I'm going non-stop and for once I'm just spending my time with close friends and family... for art related events, I'm not circulating until SEK's show in March. Right now, I'm just enjoying the moment. However we'll be back in full swing with events come summer so be on the lookout.
SEK Artwork
SEK artwork pictured above
Artwork by SEK provided by LA CANVAS
Instagram: @sekcess
Featured Artists 
Retna: @retna
Gregory Siff: @gregorysiff
Brittney Palmer: @brittneypalmerart
Esoteric Collection Mentions
Art Basel in Miami
Art Angels Gallery in West Hollywood
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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