Top Adventures for Fitness Fanatics

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For those of us who love to travel and also love exercise and fitness, any opportunity to bring these two passions together is worth pursuing. Sometimes the thought of a vacation or trip abroad leads to an inherent acceptance that time spent away from home equates to a break in routine that can effect even the most committed fitness fanatics. While travel can often be a needed escape and respite for those looking to get away from it all, for those individuals steadfast to an active lifestyle it can cause some stress. There are plenty of hotels and resorts across the world that offer mediocre to good small gyms and exercise rooms to keep the blood flowing. Creative road workouts are always an option and should be the subject of another post all together.
But where can fitness fanatics find the top adventures across the world to keep excitement high while staying active and making gains abroad? Let’s take a look.
Croatia – A Cyclers Dream 
Croatia has become an increasingly popular travel destination in recent years and the stunning beaches soaring to white stone mountains dotting the Mediterranean make it easy to see why. Bike riders of many calibers and abilities flock here as it’s not only scenic and alluring with an air of old European charm but offers inclines and routes for even the most experienced riders. Many companies in the country offer guides and tours suited to eager adventurers who love to travel via bicycle. The Istrian Peninsula and Balkan triangle offer challenging routes sure to have your thighs screaming and for those looking to blend fitness and pleasure, consider a trip around the Dalmatian Islands riding all day and hopping a sail boat to a new island (and new vineyard) each night.
Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo – A Jungle Mountaineering Masterpiece
Borneo is an adventure of a destination just to reach, yet alone explore. Mt Kinabalu rises from the depths of this island jungle to an impressive height of 4,095 meters – impressive for any peak but pretty rare in such a tropical location. The hike to the summit is typically a 2-3-day endeavor and the struggle to hike to the top rewards intrepid voyagers with amazing views above the clouds. Guide services are available to help trekkers supply and bag the peak but an experienced mountaineer can tackle the climb with the basic necessities. The peak sits in Kinabalu National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage site making this hiking destination a perfect blend of exercise and natural beauty.
Patagonia – Well Known, for Good Reason
Patagonia pops up on many top adventurers lists for places to travel for those who love fitness and travel. There is a reason why one of the biggest brands in the outdoor industries bares this region of South America as its namesake. The far southern reaches of Chile and Argentina have been attracting travelers for generations not only for the raw natural wonder of the place, but also because of the vast array of activities afforded here. Trekking here is legendary and following one of the well-known and established trails (such as the W circuit) may be crowded but is well worth pursuing. There are plenty of campsites and dorm-style accommodations available across this 43-mile trek to rest up after a long day’s hike. This area of the world also offers top-notch climbing and mountaineering for those with the skills and experience to undertake some serious peaks and summits stretching from sea level to the starry skies above. Ice trekking, mountain biking, trail running, sea kayaking, and many more active outdoor pursuits are available in Patagonia making it a destination every travel loving fitness fanatic should visit at some point in their journeys.

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